Black Rose

Her faint breathing can't be heard
By those who surround you
You'll feel her presence by a gasp
That's came out your own lungs

Her color-all-absorbing black
Blend of desire and hatred
It's shade of ancient sweet red wine
That's spilled on velvet mantelů

She blooms in wave of opal light
That's feeding fragile petals
Her drink consists of unborn love
That fills your soul to edges

Her touch is liquid spider net
That spreads inside of your skin
Slight rustle on the back of mind,
Sharp needle through your numb heartů

Into unconsciousness she will knock
Your unsuspecting brain
Cascading melody will wrap
Around you, surreal

And if you try to fight her off
Pretending she's not there-
The drops of sparkling ruby dew
Will fall onto your soulů

September 2000

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Tatiana Malinko©2005